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infrared systems

Simultaneous interpreting requires a technologically advanced system consisting of a central unit, infrared transmitters, receivers (headsets) and interpreter booths equipped with interpreting consoles. While a good equipment guarantees top sound quality in our receivers, the quality of translation depends solely on the professionalism of simultaneous interpreters.

At BSC AV we use Bosch state-of-the art simultaneous interpreting equipment. This equipment meets all EU requirements for quality and service. We are the only company in Poland that owns simultaneous interpreting booths that meet the latest ISO 4043/2016 standard.
We are a Polish representative of the global CRN network, which associates companies that offer the most modern congress equipment and provide technical support for events at the highest level. We are a leader on the Polish conference solutions market.

Bosch Integrus simultaneous interpreting systems manage up to 32 language channels with CD-like quality. Transmission from the interpreting console to headphones is digital which makes the system interference-resistant. As the only infrared translation system, Integrus can be used both indoors, as well as outdoors.

The equipment for simultaneous interpreting which uses infrared transmission guarantees safety of content handled at your event. Sound transmission in this case is limited by walls of the room, both with regard to speakers, as well as interpreters, so it is impossible to intercept the signal outside the conference room.

radio systems

Radio systems for simultaneous interpreting are fully mobile and were initially developed for translation during excursions. However, this system has also been increasingly popular at conferences as a support for whispered interpretation (chuchotage).
Stageline Tourguide Wireless, which we have in our offer, is a 16-channel digital voice transmission system, thanks to which sound input is transmitted to one or more receivers. Digital transmission makes this system highly resistant to interference. The frequency range of the devices is ideally suited for voice transmission.



For the purposes of conference service we have created a selected and experienced database of interpretive, consecutive and written conferences, among others in English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovene, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean and many others.

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